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300 HR Advanced Holistic Yoga Studies


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300 HR Advanced Holistic Yoga Studies

Soulful School of Yoga (300 YTT) is an advanced holistic yoga study that is designed to explore holistic yoga studies for the mind, body, and soul. You'll explore various practices, and methods of integrating the mind, body, and soul through the practice of yoga.  

Soulful School of Yoga

Explore holistic yoga through

Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle, and Ethics for Yoga Teachers
We'll spend 50 hrs learning the importance of the lineage of yoga, asana, pranayama, subtle body and meditation. 
Yoga Instructor
Embodied & Subtle Anatomy 
Anatomical Model
We'll spend 15 hours understanding the physiology of the body, anatomically and biomechanically. We will also explore energy anatomy and physiology (chakras & nadis).
Yoga philosophy, Lifestyle & Ethics for Yoga Teachers

We'll spend 30 hours of a deeper study of yoga philosophies and traditional texts (Yoga Sutras, Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Bhagavad Gita)

Teaching Methodology & Practicum
We'll spend 55 hours learning teaching methodology, professional development,  practice teaching, and practicum. 
Holistic Yoga Studies- Weekend Intensives


Explore the holistic yoga studies through the Soulful School of Yoga Weekend Intensives. You'll have the option of choosing speciality areas to focus on or gain certification in these areas. 

Weekend Intesives

In this 300 HR Advanced Holistic Yoga Studies you'll explore: 
  • Advanced Yogic Principles, Philosophy, and the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

  • Accessible Yoga-  Teaching Yoga poses and practices for ALL BODIES.

  • Trauma-Informed Yoga

  • Sound Healing- Healing through Sound

  • 85 HR Prenatal Yoga 

  • Business of Yoga 

  • Embodied Anatomy, Physiology, and the Subtle Body

  • The Power of Rest & Release-  Restorative Yoga and Yin Yoga

  • Mastering the Art of Sequencing through a Holistic Lens

  • The Healing Power of Inversions

  • The Art of Assisting- The Energetics behind Hands on Assist


Yoga is not a work-out it is a work-in. This is a state of spiritual practice to help us become teachable, to open up our hearts, to help us become more aware so that we can realize that we are already know and we can be who we already are. 


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Sept. 20th, 2024

Located at Okra Yoga Studio 

"Dr. Felicia teaching was insightful and helpful to have on my journey back to self through the practice of yoga. The wisdom, mentorship and knowledge that Dr. Felicia offered throughout the training was so powerful and special. 


Sept. 20th- 22nd
Oct. 3rd-6th
(Women's Sacred Soul Retreat)
Oct. 18th- 20th
Nov. 15th- 17th 
Dec. 13th-15th
Jan. 17th- 19th
Feb. 14th - 16th
March 21st- 23rd
April 25th- 27th
May 16th- 18th
June 19th- 22nd
July 18th- 20th
Aug. 15th- 17th
Sept. 5th- 7th 
Retreat to Bali TBD



Friday:  5:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m.

Saturday: 8:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m.

               1:00 p.m.-5:30 p.m.

Sunday:  8:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m.

                 1:00 p.m.-5:30 p.m.

*Weekend Intensive times are subject to change *

Additional work

You will have some additional hours outside of traditional training hours for assignments/homework. 

Meet The Lead Teacher


Dr. Felicia



Dr. Felicia Hall is an educator, healer and motivator at heart. She is a Certified Athletic Trainer,  Yoga Practitioner, Educator and researcher. But hey really without all the letters, names and fluff; She is a small-town girl who loves God, family and helping others heal and become the best version of themselves. Dr. Felicia has dedicated over 20 years to helping professional, collegiate and high school athletes physically heal.It was the love of helping others heal that she found herself utilizing her own tools. After she went through a dark time in her life that was filled with depression, heartache and pain Dr. Felicia found a love for helping others learn the tools to heal from within. She took her passion and has helped countless women heal and find their way back to self through mindfulness and movement practices. 



It was 8 years ago when my life seemed as if it was turned upside down but yet it turned right side. I was spiraling back and forth with my weight, on depression medication and just felt like I had no control over my life.  It was then I realized how important it was to BE EMPOWERED over my life. I knew I needed to take back control over my life. I knew I had to first heal from the inside out to gain empowerment.  I created Soulful Healing Academy because I knew that I wasn't alone and there were other women just like me wanting to take back control over their lives but yet didn't know how. Soulful Healing Academy strives to help women RECONNECT back to SELF and take back control over their lives. 

300 HR Advanced Holistic Yoga Studies

Warrior Two



Early bird pricing until August 31st


Pricing after September 20th
(paid in full)

Payment Plans Pricing

Scholarships are available

located at qc fit Yoga
300 YTT readings

In this training you will have an array of reading options to choose from in this training. More details will be given in our first weekend. ​

Pilates Friends


  • Yoga and Ayurveda: Balancing the Doshas

  • Advanced Pranayama & Asana Technique- Healing through Breath & Movement

  • The Power of Rest & Release- Yin Yoga 

  • Advanced Meditation Techniques & Practices

  • Cycle Awareness Yoga- Women's Health 

  • Inversions- Healing through Trust & releasing fears

  • Sadhana- Cultivating the practice of Yoga on & off the mat

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to do each weekend intensive?

The 300 YTT students who are doing the full training will be required to do core weekends which are highlighted with an asterisk and then can choose from other elective weekend intensives. 

Do I have to do the entire 300 YTT training? 

The 300YTT is created in a way that allows individuals the opportunity to learn without being fully enrolled in the entire training. Each weekend will be offered separately as well.

Will I be certified to teach after this 300 YTT training? 

Yes. Certification is granted once program is complete and all assignments, financial responsibilities have been met. 

If you are reading this right here, right now. You are ready now. Apply today

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