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5 Things I do every Morning

So we have all heard it before. Start your day off right so that you set your day up for success. But really, what does that look like. In this blog post, I will go through what my mornings look like every single morning.

1. Take a moment to sit/meditate. "What are you grateful for?"

So every single morning, whether I sit up in my bed or go over to my little nook. I take a moment and sit and meditate on gratitude. I allow myself to sit and think of all the things I am grateful for.

2. Devotion/Prayer

After sitting and meditating on my gratitude list, I take a moment and read my bible/inspiration. I have the Holy Bible app on my phone, and it gives daily inspiration and devotion every morning. I love it. So I take a moment to read the morning inspiration/devotion. I also take a moment and pray and thank God for allowing me to see another day.

3. Drink a glass of water/tea

It's something about starting your day off with a glass of water and tea that sets your day up for success. It's the warming of the tea and the refreshing feeling of sipping water that wakes my mind and my body up.

4. Move my body

So this looks different every single day. There are some days when I need the calmness of going through a nice yoga flow, while there are other days when my body says I need a movement like running and strength training. This is where I typically start my day on my mat, and I tap into what my body needs for the day.

5. Eat a nourishing breakfast

Breakfast is what fuels you and fuels your body/organs. I don't miss breakfast, and it helps jumpstart my day and also helps to give me the power and energy I need to get my day started. So I start my day with an excellent healthy, and sensible breakfast.

It is so true; how you start your day does help you set your day up for success. Do my mornings look the same way every day in this exact order. NO! There are some mornings that I may do it differently, and that is okay. Your mornings don't have to be structured to the tea, and it's good to discipline yourself and develop a routine. So that when you do have crazy mornings, you can still go through your morning routine, just maybe in a different order or a shortened version. Remember that it's essential to fill your cup up first before pouring it into others.

So tell me, what do your mornings look like?

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