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Are you connected or disconnected?

As I was riding in the car headed to Ohio this past weekend this question came to my mind. But, it wasn't in the context that you may be reading right now. I was doing some introspection of myself and truly was asking myself if am I connected to self or disconnected.

You see so often times we are connected so much to social media, the news, to the way of the world that we can lose connection with ourselves. However, in all honesty, are we really connected to others? Follow me for a second you see when we are disconnected from ourselves then we can't truly be connected to others.

What are you talking about Fe?

You see in order to truly be connected to others and to truly be here right now you must first have a connection with yourself. How do we know this to be true? It looks like burnout, or being quick to react to others, not wanting to be around people, or not truly being present when you speak with others.

Reality is that to truly be connected to self and others it starts at home. It starts with the self. So ask yourself, Am I connected or disconnected?

How can you truly be connected?

You'll laugh at these play-on-play words. You have to be disconnected.

Say what?

When we truly allow ourselves to be disconnected from the things that is not serving us and truly bring in space to simply be we allow ourselves the ability to be reconnected to self which in terms gives us space to be connected to others.

Whew did you follow all of that?

So how do I disconnect so that I can be more connected to SELF AND OTHERS?

Here's how...

  1. Offer up a time to step away (Schedule breaks within your day)

  2. Set boundaries- For example, I don't have my email on my phone and I have an automation that states that I only check emails at specific times. This helps me to not be glued to my emails and the need to respond all of the time.

  3. Set a beginning time- Stop answering work messages at 6 in the morning if that is the time you devote to caring for yourself.

  4. Set an end time- Why are you checking emails at midnight? Set a time to shut everything off and spend with yourself.

  5. Honor your boundaries- Don't just set your boundaries but honor them.

When you truly take time out to disconnect and reconnect to yourself you're able to show up for others with a cup full and not a half-filled cup. It's time to disconnect so that you can connect back to SELF.

With love,


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