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Because You are worth it

I made the most significant decision I ever made last month. I finally decided to bet on myself. When was the last time that you bet on yourself? When was the last time that you finally put yourself first?

Honestly, my entire life, I have always played things safe. I've always done everything society said that the ideal life needed to be. However, me living that type of life caused me to be overworked, depressed, filled with a void in my life.


Because I was always living in the shadows, I was always living for someone else and not myself. I was constantly giving of myself to others but not giving to myself. As I was chasing success, I realized that I was also spiraling down a dark hole. I realized that I was doing things for others and not myself.

So I finally decided that life was too short to live in my captivity. Life is too short of giving up on others constantly. I was giving the world the best of me, but I was also giving myself the rest. I was giving myself what was left of me. Honestly, what was left of me was torn down, tired, disgusted, sad, and just worn out.

I finally said enough is enough. I was no more doing things for others while putting myself last. No more working so much that I miss the beauty of this thing called life. No longer was I going to be a prisoner of my past, of my own life. No longer was I going to keep putting myself in the same box.


Because I was worth it! I was worth living a life full of freedom and happiness. I was worth living a life full of joy! It was worth betting on me. It was worth saying YES to me.

So I'll ask again, when will you finally say YES to you? What are you waiting for? The time is now; why? Because YOU ARE WORTH IT!

With love,


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