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Break Free

One thing that 2023 has taught me is that you can have everything planned out and nothing can go as planned. Does anyone else feel like that?

If you would have asked me back in December 2022 what would have transpired in 2023 would look the way that he has looked this year. I probably would have looked at you and laughed. I would have been like girl stop kidding around.

What this year has taught me is that even when you have it all figured out lead each and every day with love, heart wide opened to receive. What I have learned is that in order lead with a heart wide open we have to be willing to break FREE. Break free from the need to control every situation. Break FREE from the need to have it all figured out. Break FREE from the pain that someone else has caused. Break FREE from the shackles that we place on ourselves that is holding you down. So, my message to you in these last few months of 2023; don't go into 2024 with the baggage of 2023. It's time to break FREE. It's time to wipe the slate clean, realizing that each and every day we get to choose to hit the RESET button. We get to start again.

So, sis, stop holding on to what is no longer serving you. Stop holding onto the past. Stop trying to have every I dotted, and every T crossed. Trust yourself. Lead with your heart. It's time to BREAK FREE.

Before you go... Check out these 5 Yin postures that helped me Break FREE from all the emotions and trauma that I kept allowing to hold me down through the year of 2023.

Download a FREE COPY HERE.

With love,


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