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Finding the Inner You

Often times in our journey we get so caught up in the hustle of getting results or get frustrated when we don’t see the results quickly. When I began running it really felt like a chore. I was tired of doing the thing that I felt I struggled with so much. Finally one day I picked up a book that focused on the spirituality of running. After reading this book it really opened my eyes to understanding the meaning of really finding my inner "ME" and the fun that I enjoyed in running.

Once I really began to focus on my inner “ME” and really took it back to my inner child; the fun that I had when I was younger. I began to really look at running and fitness on another level.

There are times in your fitness journey that you have to really sit down and go back to the fun you once had in your childhood; the inner child fun.

Will the journey of fitness be frustrating?

Will you want to throw in the towel?

Yes you will but that is okay we all have those days but we must remember through these struggles that we really need to focus on the positives. Have fun with the journey, tap into that inner childhood of no fear, no worries and the just want to have fun mentality. The more we take our mentality and fitness to that level the more we will enjoy the process. So don’t STRESS, live life fearlessly and most important live life freely, full of joy, laughter and fun.

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