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Free to Be

What does Freedom mean to you?

As I was running the other day I was thinking about that word, "Freedom" honestly sometimes we don't truly realize how bless we are. The ability to move our bodies, the ability to fill up your gas tank, the ability to go buy name brand clothes, the ability to go in the kitchen to grab something to eat. Sometimes we can take this thing called life for granted. We can take our everyday actions for granted. In reality we have the Freedom to Be. The freedom to move our bodies, the freedom to be who we want, the ability to go after goals, aspirations.

Yet why is it so hard to do it?

For me I've realized that what holds me back often times is because instead of learning from my past I'm allowing my past to hold me back from looking ahead and looking forward. As I was pondering this today I realized that when we look at Juneteenth and what the meaning is behind Juneteenth it reminds me of how our ancestors fought and didn't have the freedom to be. When emancipation happen, 2 years later our ancestors were finally free to be. They didn't fight and didn't suffer for us to put shackles on ourselves. They fought so that we could be free to be.

So why would I hold myself back?

Why would you hold yourself back?

It's time to be FREE, FREE to be. FREE to move your body, FREE to tackle that dream, aspiration. So what are you waiting for?

It's GO SEASON, Let's all be our ancestors wildest dream, Honoring them today!

Happy Juneteenth!


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