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"From Asanas to Enlightenment: My Journey of Creating a Yoga School"

Real Talk

If you would have asked me a long time ago if I would have ever created a yoga school I would have probably just looked at you with a side eye. You know that look like "Child Please"

You see my passion for yoga was all in the practice. My goals were all driven in trying to master the poses, master inversions, master the "Asana Practice."

Little did I know that the Asana Practice would soon be the Enlightenment that would one day create what is now the "Soulful School of Yoga"

You see when I first started practicing yoga I was driven by the flow of the practice, the heat, the postures. At first, it was a challenge for my body. It was like the kind of challenge of I experienced when training for a race, or training for workout. It was a goal setter, a sense of accomplishment. Little did I know after life truly hit me that this same challenging practice would be far more of a challenge for my body but also my mind.

I started to embrace the practice of yoga in a new way, I found peace in the practice, I found tranquility, I found me in the practice. I didn't understand how I landed there. I didn't understand how a practice that I valued as a challenging physical practice had now became a challenging mental practice that had helped me cope with the trauma that I was dealing with.

My mind started to wonder. What is this practice of Yoga? How does this practice help not only your body and mind. I dove deeper, I educated myself more, I began to approach the practice from a different lens. I began to truly understand the practice of yoga.

I decided to deepen my practice through inquiry, through study. I realized that there was so much more to the practice of yoga. I realized through my own trauma and healing journey that this practice was so much more it was the bridge that was needed to bridge the gap between physical and mental health.

I knew that I wasn't alone, I knew there were so many others that didn't truly understand the practice of yoga. It was time for me to take what I had learned through experience and study and help others bridge the gap between mental and physical health through the practice of yoga.

Soulful School of Yoga was created with that in mind, to educate others about the practice of Yoga. It was created not only to teach yoga but to help others create their own personal home practice.

I'm excited to continue to educate and to help others learn and grow.

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