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Get back up

Did you hear?

So as I embark on this week's wonderful, exciting week, I'm reminded of the journey. This week I will walk across the stage to receive my doctoral diploma. A journey that started over six years ago. I didn't think I would make it through this journey, and as I type this up today, I am overjoyed that I got back up.

Now don't get me wrong, I gave up several times. After my divorce, I took a leave of absence from school, suffered from severe depression and anxiety, and lost my home, and lost my car. I threw in the towel, and I quit. But then God reminded me that I am a child of God. He reminded me that a just man falleth, yet you can get back up each time. You dust yourself off, get back into the fight, and get right back on course.

So despite where you may be in your journey, whether or not you have fallen short or given up. Here is your sign to get back up. Your breakthrough is on the way. Your results are coming. Your hard work will pay off. Stay in the fight, stay on course. If you fall, get right back up again and begin and again. NO matter how many times you have to get up, keep getting up!

Why? Because the reward, on the other side, is so much more sweeter than what you may be experiencing right now.

Was it hard? Yes, it was. Did I give up? Yes, I did. Did I get back up? YES I DID

So get back up, sis; YOU GOT THIS!

With love,


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