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Get Back Up

Did you hear?

So as I embark on this week's wonderful, exciting week, I'm reminded of the journey. This week I will watch my daughter walk across the stage to receive her high school diploma. A journey that was tough not only for her but also for me as her mother.

A journey that I thought wouldn't come, I thought that she wouldn't make it. You see as a mother you always want to see your child do amazing things, you always want to brag about your child receiving this and receiving that. I honestly felt like I was a bad mother because my child was struggling with life.

My child was undergoing trauma in her life and I didn't know how to help her. I wanted to make things all better because that is what we do as a mother we make it better but what happens when you can't, what happens when the trauma that they are experiencing brings you back to your own traumatic experiences?

You see no one told me that I would see me in my daughter not just on the outer surface but also on the inner surface.

Now don't get me wrong, I gave up several times. There were times when I didn't have anything to give because I was being depleted. But as I always instilled in her, I never gave up, I allowed myself to be vulnerable, I sought out help, I continued to go back to my practices, I continued to pray, and simply let go.

You see so often we want to control the situation, we want to figure it all out when in actuality the biggest and most rewarding thing we can do is simply LET GO, and allow God to take full control over the situation.

Will we fall? Yes

But no matter how many times we may fall, get back up each and every time, Each day is a new day to begin again, to start over, to seize the day!

So despite where you may be in your journey, whether or not you have fallen short or given up. Here is your sign to get back up. Your breakthrough is on the way. Your results are coming. Your hard work will pay off. Stay in the fight, stay on course. If you fall, get right back up again and begin and again. No matter how many times you must get up, GET up!

Why? Because the reward, on the other side, is much sweeter than what you may be experiencing right now.

Was it hard? Yes, it was. Did I give up? Yes, I did. Did I get back up? YES I DID

Was it hard for her? Yes, it was, Did she give up? So many times. Did she get back up? Yes, she did.

So get back up, sis; YOU GOT THIS!

With love,


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