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Give yourself permission to..

When was the last time you permitted yourself to have fun? When was the last time that you even had fun? That was a question that I asked myself. The older that I get, the more I feel like I've been in captivity of this thing called adulthood. But who said that adults couldn't have fun. When was it written that you couldn't have fun when you became an adult? Let me answer that question, NEVER!

So why do we take the fun away? Good question. Honestly, for me, it was because life started to happen. I felt the need for these obligations. I didn't have time to make sure the kids were situated. I don't have money to be blowing. I mean, all the thoughts that you can ever even imagine would come up. It took me going through extreme anxiety and depression to realize that I had not taken control over life but allowed life to take control over me entirely.

I had engulfed myself in this thing called adulthood. I forgot about that teenage Fe, that young Fe who once would ride bikes around the neighborhood. The girl who loved to hula hoop. The girl who would break out a dance. No, seriously, we had dance parties on my side patio. Whew, I thought I was in a music video, lol—the girl who went skating every weekend.

I knew I wanted that Felicia back. I liked that fun. But here was the thing. I had to permit myself to live. I had to tell myself to have fun. I had to say it's okay to be an adult and still have fun like a child.

So my question to you is, when was the last time you permitted yourself to live, to have fun?

If NEVER is your answer, then guess what the time is NOW.

What will you do this week for fun?

Well, guess what I'm going to do? Roller skating, and I can't wait.



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