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Healing Tips for the Mind

As an athletic trainer, I spent years helping athletes heal physically, but many people didn't understand that healing isn't just about healing the body physically but also mentally.

Whether you are suffering from an injury or suffering from a loss or a breakup, healing the mind is a critical process to take. When we allow ourselves to recover from the inside out, we open ourselves up to receive love, joy, peace, and happiness.

As I recently suffered a loss that was so dear to me, I took a moment to sit down and ask myself, "What are the steps needed to help you heal your mind" Here are five tips to help you heal your mind.

1. Talk it out

What's the first thing someone does when something terrible happens to them? Well, some people, while the majority like myself, hold it inside. When you allow things to fester in your mind and body, it creates this void you are missing. Allowing yourself to talk it out is essential to help release your mind from the thoughts that are not serving you. Talking it out can also look like jotting things down on paper. Whichever you choose, take time to talk it out, write it out, and release that energy from your mind and body.

2. Move Your Body

One of the most important things to do is to move your body. Movement is a natural mood booster. This increase in mood booster is thanks to endorphins released when you're moving your body (exercising). Exercise also helps with increased self-esteem and confidence. Movement is an essential healing factor when it comes to healing your mind. When you allow yourself to release the energy that is not serving you and invite in the energy point you want to receive, it creates this bliss in your body and mind.

3. Fuel Your Body

I know you have heard the saying, "You are what you eat" yes, it is so true. When you eat like crap, guess what? You will feel like crap. When you eat like a champ, you'll feel like a champ. Fueling your body with nutritious foods can help increase your mood and help decrease inflammation in the body, which affects the mind. It's what we call your gut-brain. When your gut is happy, your mind is happy. So Fuel your Body with the nutrition that heals your body and mind.

4. Find Activities You Love Doing

One of the biggest things that I learned during my healing process and my journey through depression is not to wallow for an extended period. When you allow yourself to sit and do nothing, the more your mind begins to think, the more thoughts overtake your mind and body. Find the activity that is freeing for you. The move allows you to escape from the world and tap back into that inner child, the fun you had as a child. When you love what you're doing, your mind and body will follow along with that same love.

5. Take a Break

One of the things that I had to come to grips with is knowing that it is okay to take a break. In the society that we live in, which is a go go go club, you can feel obligated to keep showing up even when you don't feel like showing up. I realized that l to know when you need to step away, take breaks from other people, from obligations, from work. The true friends will still be there when you return from your vacation. The result will still be there when you come back from that break. Don't be afraid to let others know that you are taking a break and not disturb you during this s. Remember, it's not about them, but it is about you. You taking care of yourself.

When we truly allow ourselves to heal our minds, we can fully tap into our fullest potential. We can operate from a space of love, joy, peace, and happiness. To use that space, we must first understand the importance of healing ourselves.

With love,


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