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How are you really?

How many times have you been asked, How are you? and you said:

  • Doing Good

  • Doing great

  • I'm Okay

So I truly want to ask you, How are you really?

With all the crap put to the side. Yes, I said "the crap" How are you really feeling?

I've learned even for myself to truly check into how I am feeling and then honor that. So on the days that I'm not feeling it. I say you know what I am feeling meh today and I'm just holding myself on today knowing that this feeling is only for a moment.

When we truly start to recognize how we are feeling and truly stop putting on this mask of showing up in a way that we truly are not. We then begin to truly heal from the inside out. We begin to truly honor our minds and body. We begin to truly live in our fullest potential each day at a time. We're able to not over-exert ourselves or burn ourselves out doing things knowing that our mind & body needs rest. We begin to operate in the capacity at which our mind & body are able to operate from. We truly begin to live truthfully and authentically.

I challenge you to truly tap in the next time someone says, "How are you? Ask yourself that question and say to yourself?

How am I really today?

  • Be honest with yourself

  • Don't create any stories behind it

  • Don't cast judgment on why you feel that way

  • Honor your needs and give yourself permission to do what you need for your mind & body

Want to learn how to really dive deeper into honoring How you are feeling? Grab this book, "How are you really?" it's a much-needed book to truly dial back into SELF.

With love,


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