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I suck at this...

So reality hit the other day when I realized I suck at this. I know you are probably like you suck at what. Well, I suck at taking time out for myself and resting.

Yep, I am that person who knows that she needs rest but will still do the one thing that needs to be done or answer the 1 email so that I won't forget to respond.

You see what I realized is that when you operate in this state of always moving, always doing, always being on call, always answering all the things you begin to live in this hyperarousal state, and the nervous system begins to be in overdrive and it stays there.


Because that is all it knows. So you might be wondering well what's wrong with being in a hyper state or always READY! Well, everything is wrong with that because eventually, your body will start to wind down. You see this is where stress starts to set in, physical injuries, illnesses, burned out, mental exhaustion.

Our minds and bodies are not meant to be in overdrive. It wasn't designed to live and function in a hyperarousal state. It was meant to rest and recover as well.

So how do you know that you're in a hyperarousal state?

  1. You start to experience burn out- frustrated when someone asks you to do something, lashing out, stressed

  2. You're stressed out you don't want to do anything, have headaches, and go from wanting to do to absolutely hating to do anything

  3. Physically your body is tired- injuries, soreness, aches, and pain start to present itself

  4. Physically ill- you start to sick a lot or simply sick, your body has been overworked and the immune system begins to break down allowing illness to happen.

  5. Mental Exhaustion- You just simply are tired, and fatigued all the time, you don't want to do anything that requires a mental state.

So how do we avoid getting to this hyperarousal state?

  1. Take breaks throughout your day-you don't earn these you deserve it

  2. Take vacations-you don't earn these you deserve it

  3. Set Boundaries- you don't always have to be on call- they will survive-work, family, friends.

  4. Take care of your mind & body. (Meditate, exercise, sleep, eat healthy)

  5. Take PAUSE- take time throughout your day to take a mental break, do something creative, go play, go outside get in nature.

Remember, you don't have to be in this hyperarousal state. You deserve rest, You deserve peace, and You deserve to take care of yourself! You deserve to be healthy; physically and mentally.

Take REST!


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