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I was told No....

I was told no so many times I forgot to count.

I remember being in the healthcare/corporate/ political world because let's be honest even healthcare is political too. I applied to so many leadership positions, well educated, with more experience, and more knowledge than my counterparts but let’s be honest I didn’t look the part.

I was told No and kept thinking I had to do more, be more, I had to change who I was to fit in, but the truth is, there was something bigger for me to do. The space wasn’t to my caliber. God had more for me to do. I wasn’t meant to be in a space, I was meant to create space.

You see sometimes we don't understand the things that we go through we fill ourselves with the question of

"What is wrong with me?"

But honestly, we need to ask the question,

"What is wrong with this position or this space that I am desiring to be in?"

Oftentimes we are trying to make ourselves fit into a space where we are not meant to be. It's like opening up the wrong door and realizing that it's not the door we are supposed to go in but yet we still try to go in that door. We realize it's not what we thought it was supposed to be but yet we still try to find our way through the mess to only find ourselves leaving that door.

I've learned through my journey that it takes opening up all the wrong doors to find THE DOOR. The one we are supposed to go through, the one we are supposed to open. But it's through opening all the wrong doors that we find the right door. So I don't take anything for granted that I have experienced. I don't take all the heartache, the pain, the disappointments for granted because it was through that experience and those doors that I found "THE DOOR".

Stop trying to make yourself fit in a space that you are not meant to be in. Create your own space. That's what I did, I created my own space. Now I get to help other people create their own space, and find the door that is meant for them. I'm excited for the Soulful School of Yoga because I get to help others not only grow within themselves but also I get to help them create their own space.

Soulful School of Yoga doors are officially open, and the first cohort starts in August, Learn more HERE.

With love,

Dr. FE

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