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So, we hear so often to simply take a PAUSE but what does that actually mean? What does it mean to pause? If you truly looked up the definition in the webster dictionary it means to interrupt an action or speech briefly. This is so true but what should you do when you interrupt an action? When we truly think about PAUSE, I want you to think about this.

P: Pause

A: Attend

U: Understand

S: Sense

E: Experience

So let's break that down. The first one is simple...

1. Pause- which means step away, stop what you are doing.

2. Attend- Attend what is going on. Why are you needing to take a pause, allow yourself to feel what is going on with your mind and body.

3. Understand- Understand the why behind why you are experiencing the need for a pause; that could look like you are overwhelmed or maybe you didn't get enough sleep, or overextended yourself. Take a moment to understand.

4. Sense- What are the sensations that you are experiencing? Does it feel like anxious feelings? Do you feel tension and tightness? Do you feel sad or mad? Take a moment to allow yourself to simply feel.

5. Experience- Notice how you feel and then give your body what it may need to recover, rejuvenate, reset, restore. This could look like rest or movement or simply doing absolutely nothing (laying on your couch).

When we truly allow ourselves to take a pause; to attend, to understand, to sense and to experience we truly allow ourselves to feel what we need to feel and to release what we need to release. We are taking this time to truly tap into what our mind and body need. When we truly adhere to the needs of our mind and body, we open ourselves up to show up fully as ourselves (renewed, restored and revived).

With love,


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Kat Kalamanka
Kat Kalamanka
Aug 16, 2023

Love this. Love you 💜

Felicia Hall
Felicia Hall
Aug 17, 2023
Replying to

Love you 🥰

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