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Let's Talk Fitness & Healing

Let's talk Fitness & Healing

So you're on this journey back to SELF and have tried every weight loss diet, program, quick fixes and just don't have the motivation to do the thing again. You're tired, you're frustrated of doing the work and not seeing the results.

I'm with you Sis,

I know it can be so discouraging. I've been there before. I've gained 30 lbs within 2 years and didn't understand how I got there. I didn't understand what happened. It was like I was not in my body anymore.It was like I failed myself. I tried all the things, all the diets, all the self helps and nothing was working. I kept telling myself oh it's because you're getting older that's it. I was trying to convince myself of how I ended up in the position I was in. My motivation to want to lose weight or simply be healthy was going down the drain. I was tired of struggling and not knowing the why, what, when and how.

It was time to take back control over my life. It was time for me to figure out how to regain SELF back. But here is the thing I wanted the quick fix. I wanted to be down 30 lbs in one day but reality is that weight loss doesn't happen that way. I had to follow these key steps to help transform my life.

1. Figure out how you landed where you are?

I had to figure out what landed me there. What were the life challenges or changes that occurred to cause me to land in the place that I was in. Here is reality, we can do all the things, take all the supplements, do all the fad diets or completely change our life by doing all the quick fixes but ask yourself, "How did I land here?" When we truly figure out the why, and really hone in on the root cause of what landed us where we are that is where the work begins. I had to realize that the trauma that I had experienced over the past 2 years was the onset of so many changes that had manifested in my body.

2. Do the Inner work?

Do the inner work that is needed to help with the root cause of the problem. What I realized in myself is that I had experienced so much trauma that my stress levels were so increased which caused weight gain. I was manifesting my trauma into my physical body. My hormones were all out of wack which caused weight gain. I was emotionally eating because of the trauma that happen in my life. I felt like food would take the pain away and it didn't. So I had to do the inner work. I had to heal from the inside out so that I could conquer this journey.

3. Give yourself GRACE

Anytime you are going through a major shift or change in your life give yourself GRACE during the process. Let me tell you the inner work isn't easy. Don't beat yourself up because of where you are. Show yourself GRACE for where you are headed. We grow in grace.

4. Let your momentum drive you

I have constantly heard from others, patients and clients that they lack motivation. The common question is, "How do I get motivated?" How do I get to the point where I'm finally feeling motivated? Motivation doesn't just come and knock you upside the head. It's your momentum that drives you to motivation. Use your drive, momentum to help you to become motivated. I love this countdown method. When you are sitting or just trying to talk yourself out of doing something or need to talk yourself out of going back to your old ways. count down 5,4,3,2,1 Let's go. What that does is it helps you to quickly stop the chatter or the meeting of the minds in your head. When you stop the chatter you're more likely to do the thing because you didn't have time to talk yourself out of it or in it.

5. Write it OUT

A plan without a goal is just a dream. So you're ready, you've done the inner work and you're ready to take on that fitness goal. It's time to write it out. A goal without a plan is just a dream. We can think all day long about what we want to do but without a plan it's hard to execute. Out of sight, out of mind. Take time out and write out your goals. What are you wanting to accomplish and then make a plan. Plan out how you're going to achieve it. The same way we schedule and write out our doctor appointments take time out to schedule and write out your "ME time." What the heck is "Me Time?" that is time you carve out to take care for you, to achieve your goals. When you take the time out to write out your goals and plan; it allows you to truly see what you are working towards.


Now it's time to not just talk about it but to be about it. It's time to take that plan you wrote out and put some action towards it. Take it one day at a time. Set minimal and realistic action steps. For example, if you are starting a workout routine; plan a workout 1 day and then once you've checked that box then plan for 2 days etc... Don't set high expectations that are hard to reach because then it becomes discouraging when you don't reach them.

7. REST is part of the program

Sometimes when we get so excited about a new workout routine we think, "If I workout 7 days a week I'll lose weight quicker and get to my goal weight even faster" Working out with this mindset and also to this capacity can cause you to get injured. Our bodies need to reset and renew. In order to continue to do the things that you are doing, your body needs that recovery. Allowing yourself to rest 1-2 days a week will help your body to recover and allow you to perform even better to reach your weight loss goals. As you plan your fitness program/schedule make sure you include REST as part of your program.


Often times during this weight loss, fitness journey you can get so cause up in trying to reach a certain size or being a certain weight that you lose track of the process. Don't look at fitness or weight loss as a destination. When we think of a destination we think of going from Point A to Point B. One or two things will happen, you will either stop at Point B or go back to Point A. We don't want to look at weight loss and fitness goals as a destination but as a journey. This is a journey to a healthier you. A journey that you're on for the rest of your life. That journey is all about living a healthy life now and forever. So take time out to celebrate each progress, the process and the journey.

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With love

Felicia Hall

Founder & CEO SH Academy

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