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MidWeek Blues

Have you ever woke up on Wednesday morning and asked yourself, "What have I even done this week?" You know that feeling where you're like I haven't accomplished anything this week. You're overwhelmed because you feel like you have to get your life together ASAP. You're not sure what you have done and what you still need to do, you're wanting exercise & eat right. You want to make sure you take time out to go do all the things, but you're frantically trying to figure out how you're going to fit it all in.

Yep, you're pulling your hair out already, and it's not even 9:00 a.m. on a Wednesday. I've been there and still find myself there every once in and while. Here are five essential tips that I use to help me RESET my week up for success and prevent pulling the hair out on Wednesday morning blues.

  1. Plan the rest of your week out

It doesn't matter if you haven't done all the things. Take time out to reset, start from where you are today. Take time out to see what you have scheduled and engagements. Things that you need to prepare for the rest of the week.

2. Schedule your Exercise Time

Take time out to schedule your exercise time or, as I like to call it, your "Me Time" It's something about scheduling out your workouts. You are more apt to do it. When we don't take the time out to schedule that time out to take care of ourselves, then out of sight, out of mind, take time out to carve some time to take care of your mind, body, and soul to help you rejuvenate your mind and body.

3. Plan out your meals

Take time out to plan your meals. It's something about taking time out to plan out your meals. You are spending less time preparing meals or figuring out what you are going to eat. Take time out to plan what you are going to eat. It doesn't matter if you are starting midweek. You can start over any day. Always remember that you can hit the reset button each and every day.

4. Prepare for the rest of the week

It's great to have a plan but have you to put everything into play. What do I mean? Take time out to prepare for the rest of the week. It doesn't matter what you haven't accomplished but what do you have now. Plan from NOW.

5. Schedule REST

Yep, we schedule everything else. Have you taken time out to schedule some R&R (Rest and recovery) for yourself? Schedule some time when you just sit on the couch and watch reruns of Law & Order all day. Not only do our bodies need rest, but our minds as well. Take time out to rest and recover throughout the week and at the end of the week.

It's something about getting aligned that makes the rest of your week go so much smoother. Take time out to factor in these critical steps. Let me know what other things you do to help reset for the rest of the week. I would love to hear it.

With love,

Dr. FE

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