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Peace of Mind

What is the first thing you think of when you see these words?

For me it's bliss, pure relaxation, no stress, calmness. In a world that we live in with so many responsibilities, so many tasks, so many to do's, so much going on around us it can nearly seem impossible to have a peace of mind.

I wondered that myself as I woke up this morning had my regular cup of joe and then got on a call to only then feel like I needed to go get a triple shot of expresso lol! Some of y0u know exactly what I am talking about. Here is the thing why do we allow other people's stressors or simply the world to cause us to lose our sense of peace?

I don't know but what I do know is I've learned to decipher between what is worth my attention and what I just have to shrug my shoulders and let go of. I've realized in life there are some stressors that we can't get rid of and they are good stressors; you just simply handle as it comes. There are other stressors that isn't worth our time and not worth time to worry about.

When we truly allow ourselves to decipher between the two then we open up space for ourselves to be able to handle the stressors that we can control. We're able to come to the table and handle the situation and then regain our sense of peace.

What I've always realized is that when I start my day truly getting rooted and grounded before I tackle my day, I create this sense of peace and grounding that I can always come back to.

What does that look like Fe?

1. Gratitude-

Taking a moment each day to truly sit into gratitude. We all have something to be thankful for. When we truly begin our day counting our blessings versus counting our problems, we open ourselves up to peace within ourselves.

2. Breathing/Meditation/Prayer-

Whether you start your day just simply taking 3 cleansing breaths or in meditation and prayer. Taking time out to truly sit and notice how your mind and body feel truly reminds us to check in with ourselves throughout the day as well. It reminds us to honor our mind and body so that we can create peace within ourselves.

3. Journaling-

It's something about letting whatever is going on in your head out on paper that brings a sense of release. When we truly allow ourselves to let go of things and thoughts that are no longer serving us we open ourselves up to have peace within ourselves.

4. Walking my dogs or simply movement

There is something so freeing when you truly allow yourself to move the negative energy out of your body. You allow yourself to open up to receive love, joy, peace, happiness. Whether that looks like running, yoga practice or simply walking the dogs. Take time out each day to truly move your body.

5. Reading, taking a moment to simply be still

Give yourself permission to escape the world. For some going out of the country or simply going on vacation may not be suitable however we can escape from the world through getting lost in a great book or simply doing something that you enjoy or also just simply being still. Take time out throughout your day and just give yourself permission to escape from the world.

Losing our sense of peace can be so simple and can cause you to spiral down and deep dark hole. Take back control over your life, your sense of peace. Why? Because you deserve "Peace of Mind"

With love,


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Holly Minter
Holly Minter
Apr 06, 2023

This is so timely and really spoke to me! ♥️

Felicia Hall
Felicia Hall
Apr 06, 2023
Replying to

YES 🙌🏾 Love that it spoke to you ❤️

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