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Restless nights...

Have you ever woke up and felt like did I even sleep?⠀

Have you ever felt like your mind just never shuts off at night therefore you're not getting enough sleep? Are you facing the traumas of your life in your sleep and it creates so much tension in your mind and body?

Sleep is so vital in helping our bodies and mind to simply shut down and recover. So when we are lacking sleep it causes our mind and body to experience so much tension and tightness which in turn can cause us to feel drained.

One thing that I have learned in the healing process is to create a schedule and do things to help calm and quiet my mind and body. Now don't get me wrong it's okay to feel, it's okay and important to work through the trauma by allowing yourself to feel.


We can cause even more trauma to our minds and bodies by not allowing our minds and body to recover and heal. Also, when it seems as if we can't turn our mind off and it is overtaking our day, it's important to recognize it and work through it either through resting, journaling, or movement.

Here are some quick tips to do first thing in the morning or even midday when you feel like you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. ⠀

1. Take a deep breath ( Have you tapped into your breath today?)⠀

2. Grab an oil or fragrant scent and simply inhale the goodness of that scent. ⠀

3. Take a moment to simply sit (Tap into self) and ask yourself? Where am I feeling tension? What am I constantly thinking about that is making me feel stressed? ⠀

4. Write it down. Whatever you feel writing it. It is something about writing things down that help create a release.⠀

5. Move your body (go for a walk, get up from your desk, stand up) When we have stagnated energy, moving the body helps to move that energy out of your body. ⠀

Come move with us through this summer. Join us in Move2Heal.

Join us HERE.

With love,

Felicia (Founder/CEO of SH Academy)

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