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When I sit back and consider 'restoration' I think of these words:




I think about my peace lily and what it takes to keep her restored and renewed. Specifically, when my Sweet Lily (yep, that's what I call her!) needs some attention or to be restored she begins to wither and droop down. Those are her signs that she gives me to let me know that she needs some restoration.

She is saying to me, "I need some attention!" So instead of ignoring those signs, I give her the attention that she is asking for so that she can be restored. Take a moment and really think about it; when you stop giving a plant or flower what it needs to flourish, what does it begin to do? It begins to slowly break down and eventually will wilt and die.

So I give her what she needs for restoration.

How many times have you received those very signs about yourself?

How many times has your body given you hints that it needs to be restored?

How many times has your mind said to you, "Please give me the attention that I need so that I can be restored and renewed!"?

I truly believe that we don't just land in a certain place of our health out of nowhere. I believe that often times our mind & bodies like my sweet lily and gives us signs, that we often choose to IGNORE. We choose to say, "I'll do it tomorrow. I'll pay attention to it tomorrow. I'll tend to my needs tomorrow." But how about now, why not NOW? Why not take the time right now to get in tune with your mind & body and bring it anew?

Let's explore this more: why do we wait until we see signs? I'll tell you what I've heard others say:

- I don't have time.

- I have to tend to my kids.

- I don't have the motivation.

- I have to work.

- It's not a priority.

Whew, that last one hits hard! Why is it that YOU are not a priority? So frequently I see people put themselves last and then wonder why they are experiencing all the things they are. Why is that?

Let me tell you. Because we are not putting SELF first. In order to work at that job, take care of those kids, have motivation, work on our relationships and friendships, be of service to friends and family - we must care for ourselves. We have to get rooted in ourselves first so that we also know *how* to restore daily. One person may need a technology break, another a nap, someone else a good run, another a cup of tea with a friend. And what we need to renew day-to-day may also change! Through grounding and knowing ourselves intimately, we can learn to listen and like Sweet Lily, ask for just what we need.

All of us need some form of daily restoration because with the next day's rising sun, we will be called to meet that new day with all our strength and focus. Restoring yourself is not something to be done once a week or once a month. Do you tend to your flowers, plants, kids, job once a week or once a month? So why would we do that to ourselves?

It's time to stop making excuses of why we can't do something for ourselves and start telling ourselves that we are worth it.

With love,


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