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Self Love is the Best Love

"Self Love is the Best Love" honestly, I never really understood that concept until I got divorced and was back in the dating game/scene. I grew up with this mindset that you get married, have kids, get the house, and live happily ever after. No one told me that life sometimes doesn't work out that way. Sometimes it's just not that simple. Sometimes you have roadblocks; sometimes, the chapter has twists and turns.

It's like reading a book. Many good storyline books are not just straightforward. They have plots, turns, and twists, but it all comes together in the end. That's how life is as well. Your life is like a book; you get to write in the pages of your book called life. You may have plots, twists, turns, but you get to create your reality. You get to determine your reaction to this book called life.

I think of SElF Love in the same way. Sometimes we demand that our lives look a certain way or that we should be treated like this or that. We get to choose; we get a choice. What do you mean, Fe? No matter your situation, no matter what the plot twist, the turn may be in your life. You get to choose. You get to decide whether or not you will put SELF first. You get to determine whether or not you are going to love SELF or whether or not you're going to choose the other direction, the different turn, the further twist.

How does that relate all to life?

We get to choose SELF. When we take the time out to truly love on SELF, it doesn't matter what someone else does or what happens to us in life. We attract what we allow. You allow doubt, fear, disrespect, and unwavering boundaries; then, we enable people to come into our lives and push our buttons to our limits. But when you allow RESPECT, BOUNDARIES, SELF LOVE, then that is what you will create. Here is the kicker it all starts with you. It all starts with loving YOU first. It all starts with not allowing anything less than the best in your life.

So as this day is deemed as LOVE day. Take a moment and ask yourself? How do I show love to SELF? What are some things that I allow that are not loving myself? How can I make sure that I am showing LOVE to myself more?

That, my friends, is SELF LOVE.



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