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Stop playing that same old record!

Yep, I said it. Stop playing that same song over and over again. It's time for a new song. Now don't get me wrong, we all have that favorite song we play over and over again; there is absolutely nothing wrong with playing your favorite song. However, at some point, it's time to play new music. It's time to change that record.

But let's get accurate how many times you have done something, and you said to yourself, "I feel like I did this before" I feel like I've already lived this moment before. Because you indeed have. You created that moment in the past that has now come to fruition for the future.

Why is it that, when you engulf yourself into the same old record, the same lousy song so much, you are constantly reliving and living in the state of the past?

What am I saying? Listen, this pandemic that occurred was mother nature saying, It's time to be intentional, It's time to live in a state of new normal. When we arise each day without the same old routine and listen to our mind and become intentional of what we want to create at this moment, we are creating possibility.

We are aligning to the energy we are creating. Like Joe Dispenza states, "When we change the field, we change the matter." When you take away the routines, the things in your life, the people in your life, go even beyond your body. All there lies is energy and information.

This newness that we are all experiencing is doing this for us right now. Taking away the routines, the things that we are so accustomed to, and all is left is the energy in the quantum field left is the quantum field's energy. Power and information are waiting on you to connect to create matter, create your reality, and create this newly formed shape in your life.

You see the past trauma, the things that you keep reliving. You are reliving these moments because you haven't gone past that matter, the trauma, the something that you are still reliving. To truly change the case, you have to change the pattern. To change the pattern, you have to take everything out that is causing you to create the same pattern, making the same matter. Whew, read that all again and let it genuinely sit with you.

As Joe Dispensa states so eloquently, we are not changing the matter. We are changing the pattern in the field. When you change the area, you change the subject.

So take this time out to get connected to the matter that needs to change in your life. What is the thing that is causing you to constantly relive the same state of being that you keep reliving? Strip everything down, take everything away and truly tap into the energy and information in your playing field.

Reshape your playing field, your energy, and recreate your new playing field, your new matter, your new way of being. And watch that each time you start to relive the exact moment, the same record that is going on in your head. You begin to become mindful of it, yo; you begin to do the work by stripping the playing field. You then start to create a new playing field, and the matter changes.

Felicia R. Hall

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Renee Hedgspeth
Renee Hedgspeth
Mar 07, 2022

Good read.

Felicia Hall
Felicia Hall
Mar 07, 2022
Replying to

Thank you 🙏🏽

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