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Stretch past "I'M" Possible

What does it mean when you see or hear the word Impossible ? What I see when I see the word Impossible; I see it in a whole new Eye and perspective I see I'M Possible. I see the ability to do anything that I choose to do. I see possibility, I see perspective, I see Hope, I see growth, and I see a new way of being.

When we approach life and things in life as simply impossible then that is what it will be Impossible, but when we approach life from a new lens of I'M Possible then new life is formed.

Stretch your mind to I'M Possible

1. Approach each challenge as that a new task, a new goal

2. Break down the task/challenge into achievable goals

3. Find ways/people to hold yourself accountable in achieving the goals

4. Approach each day with fresh new eyes and concept

5. Stretch past the I can't and walk in the newness of I CAN.

When we allow ourselves to simply step outside the box and into the unwavering zones we're able to truly tap into the I'm Possible. When we release the hold of our minds...we can take control of our LIVES. Stretch out of the old way of thinking and step into the new way of thinking of I'M Possible.

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