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Suffering a Loss can be tough....

Suffering a lost can be tough.

Suffering a lost doesn't just mean suffering from losing someone else but also could mean losing SELF. Often times we think that the healing process is just in healing our hearts but also in healing our mind

"What are the steps needed to help you heal your mind" Here are 5 tips to help you heal your mind.

1.Talk it Out

When you allow things to fester in your mind and in your body it creates this void that you are missing. Allowing yourself to talk it out is important to help release your mind of the thoughts that are not serving you.

2. Move Your Body

Movement is Medicine. When you allow yourself to release the energy that is not serving you and invite in the energy that you want to receieve it creates this bliss not only in your body but also in your mind.

3. Fuel Your Body

When you eat like crap guess what? You will feel like crap. When you eat like a champ, you'll feel like a champ. Fueling your body with nutritious foods can help increase not only your mood but also can help decrease inflammation in the body and mind.

4. Find Activities You Love Doing

Find activities that allows you to simply escape from the world and tap back into that inner child, inner fun you had as a child.

5. It's Okay to Take a Break

It's okay to say no to others and YES to you. Taking a break from people, work and other task is okay. Allow yourself this time to tend to YOU, to take care of YOU. All others and things can wait. It's time to put YOU FIRST.

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