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Things I'm Learning as I get older...

So here is the inevitable we will continue to get older and what I have embraced in this season of each year getting older is the wisdom that comes with getting older. You see the things I did when I was in my teenage years, my twenties and even in my thirties were all lessons that I have learned. They are lessons that have created me into the woman that I am today. Here is the thing though I am still learning, I am still evolving and I wouldn't change that for the nothing. What I have realized is the importance of those lessons that I have learned. It's like being in math class and learning how to count money and then taking that concept and applying it into our lives. Every lesson that I have learned I have grown to apply that into my life. So here are 5 lessons that have stuck with me in this new season of my life.

1. Slow Down

You see life is fast enough right. It's like one minute you are saying Happy New Year and the next minute it is Thanksgiving. Like really, this happen to me this year. Life has taught me to Slow Down. Stop being in a rush, life is so much more enjoyable when you simply slow down.

2. Ease into your day

Whew this one was a big one for me. I use to rush through my day. Run out the house with my coffee, breakfast and then would get mad if I spilled my coffee in the car while rushing to work lol. Now I get up a little earlier than before and take my time. Take time to simply breathe, to be. When we take time to ease into our day when then create ease throughout our day.

3. Listen to your Body

Our bodies are very intelligent. It tells us what it needs but we have to willing to not only listen to it but also honor what it needs. Give yourself permission to do what is supportive for your body.

4. Rest is Important

The days of earning rest is over. Rest is not earned it is needed. I've learned that I am more productive when I have quality rest. Rest isn't just for your body but also your mind.

5. Go with the Flow

For so long I would resist the flow; I would resist all the things that were happening in my life. I've learned how to not resist the flow but to simply go with the flow, grow with the flow. I take time out now and say, "What is life trying to teach me?" Stop resisting the flow and start growing with the flow.

What things are you learning about life?

With love,


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