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Training for Life

When I first started running, it was simply about trying to be healthy, lose weight, and look a certain way. Little did I know that this training that I was about to embark on would forever change my life. Little did I know that I wasn't just training for races, but I was preparing for my life.

As I was going through my divorce and just going through life, I noticed that my running increased more and more and more. It was the excitement of embarking on newness, goals, aspirations, and an escape. I realized that I was running away from my problems. I didn't want to feel what I needed to feel. I felt that if I just kept running, I would feel better; in actuality, I was numbing the pain; I was numbing the inside feelings. The constant push that I was doing to myself eventually caused me, and I was out of running for two years. Talk about having to feel everything. I was no longer able to use my running as an escape. I had to tackle this thing called my mind. I had to face what I was running from for so long.

Now don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with having goals, having dreams, aspirations. But what is yours? Why? Always come back to your why? Always remember why you are doing what you are doing. It's okay to use the source of exercise to heal, but I also realized that you have to feel to heal. Now I'm back to running again, but it's from a place of love this time. It's not from a place of running. My why is different now, and I'm different now because I'm letting my Why lead me and guide me.

I talk about this in the training camp. The training camp isn't all about running or walking on the pavement, but it's learning how to train for this thing called life. It's learning how to lace up even when you don't feel like lacing up. It's learning how to listen to your body and honoring what it needs at that moment. It's learning how to let your Why fuel you. I'm excited to share my knowledge and story with you more inside the Training Camp.

Now, who is ready to train for life. Join us in Strength in lace Training Camp

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