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What is Trauma

What is Trauma?

Sometimes we hear the word trauma you may think of just physical trauma that happens to someone's body. Trauma encompasses so much more.

Trauma is the response to a deeply distressing and disturbing event that causes an individual to feel overwhelm and unable to cope and causes feelings of helplessness and lost sense of self. It causes feelings of full range of emotions and experiences.

When you think about trauma you may only think about one things with trauma. However there are 2 different types of Trauma context

Physical Trauma & Psychological Trauma

Physical Trauma

is a physical injury that was inflicted on someone either through an external agent or injuries that occur to the body through an event or episode.

Psychological Trauma

is an emotional response to a deep, distressing event or time within their life.

Trauma is Trauma

There is no trauma that is less than or more than the other. The biggest thing you can do in knowing someone who has experience trauma is provide your support. Tell them that you support them. Don't judge them, support them.

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