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What is your Narrative?

I honestly have learned what it means to Start Over...To begin again. I remember thinking awhile back that it was so hard to start over, so hard to start again; I have realized that it's okay to start again. I have also learned that all the thoughts of not starting again were a narrative that I was telling myself. The report I was saying is that it was too late for me to begin again, or what would it look like with me trying to start again. The thoughts just kept splurging in my head of wow, Felicia is in her 40's, and you are getting married again, training again, entrepreneurship, embarking on a new journey, creating a new family. In the world AND what I have learned is that we begin again each day we wake up. Each day we start a brand new day; it is our opportunity to start again.

And guess what?

It's okay to begin again, to hit the restart button. Often we want to seclude ourselves in what occurred yesterday, last week, last month, or even last year. We continue to write this narrative of the what-ifs or what happened scenario.

I'm here to say STOP IT.

I have learned that to grow to move forward in life, we have to begin again. WE have to know how to start over, and we have to learn how to rewrite our narrative.

Seven years ago, I had learned how to raise two girls on my own, start a new job, restart a training plan that didn't include running due to injury. I realized the other day that I am stronger, wiser, brighter, and I was on my run the other day; I realized that I am stronger, more intelligent, more hopeful, more optimistic, and brand new. What I also learned is that I am my narrative. I choose to embody vitality, intelligence, happiness, peace, love, joy, and abundance. What I choose to display is what I will be.

So what is your narrative?

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