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When was the last time you just let go....

I know I know you're looking like when was the last time that I let go of what? No, really when was the last time that you just literally let go;

  • Let go of the expectations

  • Let go of the to do list

  • Let go of the need to show up a certain way

  • Let go of the need to be 100%

  • Let go of the need to be on point no flaws.

I was literally working in my office and had my Spotify playing and this song came on and I immediately stop what I was doing and started to have a dance party. Like for real, I took it back y'all to the old school days dancing. Guess what? It felt so dang on good. I realized in that moment that I don't do that enough. That our mind and bodies sometimes just need for us to let go; they need a break too.

Reality is the reason why so many people are stressed out, dealing with anxiety, dealing with overactive brains is because we don't let go. We hold onto all the things, things from the past, the what if's, the I need to show up, the I need to do this right now, the need of I need to mark everything off of this to do list. It's time to let yourself simply be FREE. Let go. Take time out today and just give yourself permission to LET GO.

  • Go dance

  • Go lay down on the couch

  • Go outside for a walk

  • Go watch unlimited amounts of Law & Order (yep that one is me too) on the couch with your favorite beverage and snack.

  • Go do the things that allow your mind, body and soul to let go.

Why? because you deserve to just simply be FREE. You deserve time off from all the expectations, obligations that you have been placing on yourself.

Now back to my dance party with Mary J Blige.......

Happy letting go


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