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You have to shed old to invite the NEW

One of the things that I love about to changing of seasons is the feeling of NEW! What I have also realized in the changing of seasons is the old season must be shed so that the new season can come through. Just think about it, when the seasons start to change into the fall/winter what happens to the leaves, they begin to fall. They fall so that when the spring/summer season comes back to life it can bring forth new leaves. Can you imagine if the leaves never fall off? We would never have new beautiful green leaves that would come forth.

It's the same experience in our lives. We have to be willing to shed the old so that we can invite the new. The change and the opportunity (transformation) of recreating whom you choose to be. The shedding of the old egoic mindset/ways and inviting the newness, the inspiration, the optimism. Often it's important to take a moment and reflect on the past, reflect on the transformation process to truly determine where you want to go with the new season, a new way of being.

What things do you want to get rid of?

What things or people do you want to invite in?

What aspirations are you seeking after?

What new goals are you wanting to accomplish?

To truly invite in the NEW you have to shed away the old (let go). Sometimes it's hard but to grow you have to let go of whatever may be holding you down or back which can be a person, it can be fear, it can look like doubt. Whatever it may be remember that a flower can not bloom unless it sheds away the bad, the old, the not-so-good. So take time today and reflect on what you want to invite into the new season and what you want to SHED away. Remember to invite NEWness you have to shed away the OLD.

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