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DoTerra Essential Oils




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Doterra is not just an essential oil company. doTerra represents a whole lifestyle and mindset. Doterra mission compliments what I am all about that is helping others to be the CEO over their lives. Doterra is about providing not only the purest essential oil but also about lifting someone so that they can lift someone else up. It’s about up a community for of not only healthy living but also turning wellness advocates to advocates of change. Doterra is all about empowering others which is a big mission of mine to educate, empower & enlighten women through financial freedom & healthy living. I chose doTerra to not only provide others with safe and effective essential oils but also to help empower others to stand in their power, their financial freedom and their health.

my favorite oils



I love Citrus Bliss for its uplifting aroma. It helps create a positive atmosphere to your home, office and just overall to your life when you inhale this beautiful oil.



Tangerine is a great oil to help wake you up and give you that good vibes to start your day. It also provides a great taste to your water to help you throughout the day maintain good vibes and positive attitude.



Adaptive is known for its calming effect. It helps provide calmness in the midst of chaos, stress and anxiety. It quickly reminds you that you are in control over you life and gives you peace in knowing that everything is aligned the way that it needs to be aligned in that moment.



Balance is a great grounding blend. I love placing this oil on the bottom of my feet every morning to help create grounding before I start my day. This oil reminds us to be grounded in who we are, in truth.

I use doTERRA oil within my coaching by helping others not only incorporate a more healthy lifestyle through the way they eat, exercise and overall wellness. I also use doTERRA oils in helping my clients release energy blockages that they may have in their lives that are causing them to not achieve their goals and aspirations. The oils are such a big complement to not only your physical health but also your mental, emotional and spiritual health.

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How to use essential oils in your everyday life:

Do you want to...

+ Live a life full of financial freedom

+ Get paid for what you love and getting paid to help others live a       healthier lifestyle

+ Have the ability to be your own CEO over your life

+ Have reduced cost in medical expenses and overall                             pharmaceutical supplies in the home

+ Inspire others and helping to empower others in living a healthier     lifestyle

+ Build a powerful & healthy community

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