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Coping with Grief During the Holidays

The holidays can bring on some happy feelings and for some can bring some sad and disturbing feelings. It's at times tough to understand what you should feel like and what you shouldn't feel like during the holidays. Know that it is okay to have mix feelings about the holidays and that holidays can be sad and joyous. It's important to understand how to cope with your grief during the holidays so that you're able to fully get through the holiday season.

Here are 5 coping tips for Grief during the holidays.

  1. Make a plan

Don't simply ignore the holidays but make a plan on how you will spend the holidays. It's important to create a plan of how you will spend the holiday and who you will spend it with. This helps in not allowing yourself to wallow in a space that feels so deep, dark and incomplete. Surrounding yourself with love ones is okay. Also knowing how long and setting boundaries for how much time is spent is important as well. Having a plan allows you to come into the holiday season ready to take on what lies ahead.

2. Realize grief is unique to each person

Everyone handles grief differently and that is okay. We are all unique individuals and how grief may show up on you may show up different on another love one.So know that all feelings are valid it doesn't mean that it's affecting one person more than the other. Remember that we each handle it differently and allowing space for that is what is important.

3. Don't over plan, stay flexible.

While planning is very important to do. Don't over schedule yourself to try to keep your mind busy. Stay flexible with your day. Allow yourself time to step away and be with yourself. Allow yourself time to just sit and to just feel what you need to feel. Allow time for yourself to release any unwanted energy or feelings that you may be feeling from another loved one. Plan and be flexible.

4. Make time for feelings and self care.

One of the biggest things that can happen during the holidays is planning so much with family and friends that we forget about self. Spending the holidays after experiencing grief can be overwhelming. Make time for feelings and self care. Allow yourself that time to truly take care of you. What do you need? How are you feeling depleted? Make sure you fill your cup up before pouring into others.

5. It's okay to not be Okay

Know that it is okay to not be okay. Honor yourself and give yourself grace for how you feeling that day and leading up to the holidays. Give yourself GRACE, LOVE, PEACE and UNDERSTANDING. All the feelings you may be experiencing during the holidays is valid. Know it is okay to feel whatever you may be feeling and give yourself the time and space to feel it.

Holidays can be overwhelming and joyous. Give yourself grace during the holiday season and know that you are not alone. Know that although it may feel impossible to get through. You can through it and you will get through the holidays. Honor yourself during this time and know that whatever you may be feeling is okay. Know that you are loved.

With love,


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