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You are what you've been waiting for..

I know, I know, I know you're thinking how in the world am I the person I've been waiting for? You see so often we are searching and searching for the NEW ME, the OLD ME, the Best of the Best Me. Meanwhile while we are searching for SELF; self is searching for you.

I know you're probably what the heck does that even really mean? How is that even possible. It is possible. You see the practice of Yoga help me realize this.

Let me take you down memory lane. Yoga to me was just a physical practice. It was just something else that I was doing that was burning calories. It was also the thing that I used that helped me be able to stretch after my runs. I would have never thought that it would be the thing that would help me conquer my depression, anxiety, stress and so much more.

You say I had never truly dived into the practice of yoga. I always approached yoga as another activity to do. I approached as the thing that was going to help me become the best version of ME from the physical aspect.

It was over 8 years ago when I was going through a divorce and was having so many panic attacks and depressive symptoms that my doctor said I need to take medicine. So I did exactly that, I was given prescription medication and also started to see a counselor to do talk therapy. I thought everything was going okay but yet I was still feeling the pain, the things that I didn't want to feel. I went to my doctor again and said the medicine isn't doing enough and so she prescribed me a higher dose. I had to increase my dose about 3 more times until one day my therapist said, " Have you ever tried to do yoga and meditation?" My response was the typical response, "I'm already doing that?" then I realized yeah but was I doing it. I was doing it in search to find myself.

I decided that I was tired of taking medicine that was just numbing everything. It numbed me so much that honestly, I didn't even care if my girls burned the house down. I knew that wasn't good, I needed to truly learn how to deal with the root cause of my depression and anxiety. So, I decided to sign up for a 41 days of personal revolution practice. It was in that 41 days that I truly began to dive into the practice of yoga. I was able to allow myself to feel and to release. It brought me closer to God, closer to my inner self, and closer to who I wanted to be. Now don't get me wrong it didn't get rid of my depression and anxiety, but it helped me to understand my triggers and to use the tools that I needed to combat those triggers.

So, in the search of SELF, SELF found me through the practice of yoga. The practice of yoga truly allowed me to heal. It allowed me to truly come back to myself. It allowed me to truly come back to who I was deep down inside. It allowed me to take the practice that helped me to heal to now encourage others, and so Soulful School of Yoga was birthed to help others learn how to heal through the practice of yoga. So, I am the person I've been waiting for and so are you!



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