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Are you anxious?

Have you ever woke up just feeling so anxious, so caught up in the day, caught in what you need to do, what you should have done yesterday.

When you feel consumed by your day before it has even started try these yoga poses to help release anxiety not only in your body but also your mind.

  1. Child's pose

In child's pose you will bring your big toes to touch and knees out wide. Allow your hips to sit back towards your heel and stretch your finger tips towards the top of your mat. Place your forehead on a block, blanket or mat and just simply breathe. This is a great pose to allow yourself to settle. It allows you to come back to your breath, Ujaji (inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your nose) create an ocean type sound.

*Note: if child pose hurts your knees or provides in level of pain and alternate pose is easy sit or Supta Baddha Konasana *

Sukhasana (Easy pose, easy seat) Supta Baddha Konasana (Butterfly pose)

2. Tree Pose

Tree pose reminds us that we can find our roots, our grounding even when we may seem as if we have lost our balance. Tree pose helps you to re-ground, to come back to self. When your thoughts have taken over your mind, you can find grounding within yourself. In this pose you start by rooting and grounding down in your standing foot. Bring softness to your knees not locking it out. You can do a kickstand with the other foot, place foot on your shins or you can place foot on your thighs. Allow yourself to feel like a tree planted and rooted down into earth. Feel your roots traveling all the way down so much that you're able to grow your branches (your tree). Root down to Rise Up.

3. Cat/Cow Pose

Cat and Cow pose helps you to pull the energy up from the base of your spine up to the crown of your head. It allows you to open your heart to receive and to pull in what you may need to feel at peace. You start in table top position with your shoulder stacked over your wrist and your hips stack with your knees. As you inhale (arch your back) look up towards the sky (ceiling). As you exhale pull into center line (gaze at your belly button).

4. Standing Forward Bend

Standing forward bend reminds us that when you feel overwhelmed or as if you can't take the pressure you can release. This bend reminds us that surrendering does mean that you give up or that you wave the white flag. It means you are letting go of the things, thoughts, people that are no longer serving you. In this bend you can place your feet parallel to your hips and shoulders. You can also bring your big toes to touch and heels apart (do what feels safe in your body). Create a soft bend into your knees and allow your upper body to fold forward; releasing your neck and your head. Allow yourself to completely let go.

5. Seated Forward Fold

Seated forward fold reminds us the importance of alway remaining rooted and grounded. In surrendering, we must stay true and rooted to what keeps us grounded. It reminds us that we are supported through the ebb and flow of life. This is perform in a seated position. Allow yourself to get grounded through your sit bones, slightly bent knees. Fold through your hips towards your feet. You do not need to touch your toes. Allow your hands to land wherever they land and surrender into the posture.

You are the creator of your reality. When you feel as if the world is turning upside down turn to these tools to help you remain rooted and grounded. Know that you are supported, you are loved and you are free.

With love,

Founder (Felicia R. Hall)

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