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Healing for the Soul

Depression is REAL

Depression is real, Anxiety is real. It truly didn't hit me until I experienced it myself. When I was at the point of not wanting to get out of the bed because I felt as if I had nothing to live for. That is when it truly hit me that this thing/disease called depression is REAL and my inner self was screaming to come out, was screaming to be FREE from all the turmoil it was experiencing but my mind just wouldn't allow my inner self to be free. Until I realize the tools needed to take back over my mind. I realize that it is okay to not be okay. It is okay to ask for help. It is okay to need medication and know that I wouldn't have to always be on it but at that moment I needed. It is okay that my life seemed as if it was a roller coaster. I knew at some point of that ride that I would be able to step off and move on.

I have constantly been asked, "How did you overcome your depression?" or "How did you get rid of your anxiety?" and my answer is simply I didn't get rid of anything I have learned how to cope and how to manage my depression and anxiety. I have found what I like to call "Healing Essentials" that have helped me learn how to cope with depression, anxiety, life.

I often tell my patients and others that LIFE is going to happen that is a fact but it is not what happens to us in life, it is how we choose to react to the things that happen to us in life. We can choose to allow life to drag us by the feet/tail or we can drag life. We have the ability to take over our reactions. We are given a choice each and every day on how we will react to things that happen to us in life. I am often reminded of this statement,

"Did you really have a bad day or did you just have a bad 5 minutes that you decided to milk all day long?"

So, the next time that life is happening to you, or you start your day off rough or it seems as if everything is going wrong in life. Take a step back and ask yourself, "How will I choose to react to this?" Am I going to allow this situation to take over my life or am I going to take over the situation?

Healing for the Soul

There is one thing that despite what may happen to me in life, despite how much my physical body may feel damage. My soul will forever be there. I have learned that often times I try to change everything on the outside but the most important part that we need to truly focus on is our soul.


After being on medication and going through counseling I will never forget the day my therapist said, "Why don't you try Yoga?" and I was like yeah, I do yoga. And what I realize is that was my mentality is that it was just an exercise. What I have found now through truly allowing myself to embrace YOGA that is more than just doing the poses. It is learning how to breathe through each pose/posture, learning how to breathe even when you want to stop and quit. And I have equated that to life; how many times have you just wanted to throw your hands up? How many times have you said I'm over this. So, I have found breath throughout life, learning how to breathe through those tough situations, breathing through the discomfort the unknown.

So how did and do I overcome depression and anxiety? I take time out and do things that are healing my soul because that is the most important thing that I have and is what allows me; too truly be ME!

With love,


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Ashe! Come “with LOVE” 🩷 love for you and love for humankind

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