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It's Ok to Feel

I had to remind myself this the other day. As I was writing in my journal I keep writing the words to myself that It's okay to FEEL, It's okay to feel all the emotions, it's okay to need to take time to just be still, it's okay to just process everything that is going on.

What I realize is that often times the reason why we can't move past a certain situation or why we can't progress forward is because we never truly allow ourselves to FEEL. Know that it is okay to feel, know that it's okay to not be okay, know that it is okay to have full emotions all over the place.

Feel what you need to feel

Allow yourself to cry

Allow yourself to go through the emotions

Allow yourself to be vulnerable

Allow yourself the time to just sit

Allow yourself the time to just be led and not be the leader

Allow yourself the time to just be in inquiry

Allow yourself the time to think

Why is all this important?

When we truly allow ourselves to think all things, feel all the things we are creating a release in not only our mind but also in our body. We are allowing ourselves to release what needs to release by first acknowledging that it is there, then feeling what we need to feel from it and then the final step is releasing what is no longer serving you.

So let me tell you again..It's okay to FEEL, It's okay to be full of emotions, It's okay to allow yourself TIME to heal.

Know this will not last forever

Know that you are not alone

Know that there are greater things ahead

Know you are fully supported by God/Universe/Spirit (whatever you believe in) You are supported

Know that you are a beacon of light that is ready to shine so bright that it lights up the world

Know that I've got your back

Know the world has your back

Know that this too will pass

Know that You are Strong and Courageous

Know that we are in this TOGETHER

Remember it's okay to FEEL and Remember YOU ARE SUPPORTED

Sending so much light and love to you

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