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What are you waiting for?

Have you ever said I am going to do that tomorrow or I will get to it tomorrow? Have you done the thing that you said you were going to do. So often we spend more time discussing why we can't do something instead of embracing why we are not doing something.

What's holding you back from achieving that goal or dream?

What are you waiting for?

Reality is this, there is no right time. The time to do the thing is now. That was totally me not only with fitness but just with everyday life. Often times we don’t want to face the things that are challenging we want to do the things that are easy, comfortable, the norm. For example, I used to hate doing bills, especially if you know you have many bills to pay. I would procrastinate and procrastinate to the point where I would dread sitting down to do the bills. Well reality was that the bills were not going anywhere so why wait and prolong the process, the It is the same way with our fitness journeys. How many times have we made resolutions or said okay I am going to start this week? The week comes and goes and we are still in the same place, same situation, at the same point and still have not gone anywhere.

So what are we waiting for?

If we are waiting for that perfect time, perfect moment, perfect opportunity we may be waiting for a long time, The time is now, the time to evolve into true self is now, the time to explore and tap into your inner self is now. So stop waiting on the perfect opportunity or waiting for 2022 to make another resolution. I don’t care if you have fallen off of whatever your goal and aspiration was this year; the year isn’t up…Start today. Don’t let the past pain, the past hurt, the past disappointments cause you to not start today. The true Art of Healing is understanding and accepting the past but not dwelling in the past. Learning of ways to not allow the egoic mindset to say you are your past. You are not your CIRCUMSTANCES or YOUR PAST. You are READY NOW, the time is NOW. No more excuses, no more I will wait, no more I just can’t right now. The TIME is NOW!!!

Stop Waiting…It’s time to HEAL, It’s time to start evolving in who we are.

With love,

Founder (Felicia R. Hall)

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