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Bible Lessons
Weekly Devotions

You get to create the day and life that you want to create through your thoughts, then your actions. SHA Weekly Devotions is designed to help you start your week and day off through prayer and devotions. 

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When it feels like everything around me is changing, Lord give me peace in knowing that I am aligned. If I am not aligned to your word Lord create in me a clean heart, renewed in righteousness. 

Bible Text

This week


But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and for ever. 

2 Peter 3:18 KJV


Just like the natural life we experience seasons in our spiritual life/journey. 

Our Spiritual Seasons

Winter Season: Is the season of death and rebirth. This is the season where you’ll here about people wanting to hibernate. This is the season where introspection can be done. What do you need to release to allow you to grow through this season?

Spring Season: is the season of renewal, coming a new, newness, rebirth. This is the season where you put on the new, new way of being, you’ve done all the work to release what is not serving you, this is the season where you embrace what is serving you. You align yourself to God has for you, your newness, your rebirth. 

Summer Season: Let your light shine. Summer is all about the Sun. Shining bright. This is about letting your light shine so bright so that other may see the goodness and the light within you. This is where you’re allowing what you have rebirth, the newness that you grew through in the spring season to now growing through the summer season by letting it shine bright. 

Fall Season: The fall season reminds of that death isn’t always bad. Death can represent maturity, growth. Just as the leaves 🍁 are beginning to fall in the fall it always reminds us that we need the old to leave us to make room for the new. The fall reminds of that better days are coming. That even though death may be coming in our lives there is hope, ripeness, maturity that is just around the corner. Fall gives us hope that better days are coming. 

MONDAY Journal Prompt


Just like nature we experience seasons in our lives.  

Are you going through the seasons or are you growing through the seasons? 

Tuesday journal prompt


Just like the seasons of the natural world there will be rain storms, thunderstorms....

How can you grow through the season in the midst of a storm?

Meditating Outdoors
Wednesday Journal Prompt


How do you stay encouraged and motivated in the midst of the season that you're growing through? 

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Thursday Journal


What can you learn from the season that you are currently in?

Friday Journal Prompt

What tools do you use to keep you stedfast, unmovable during your growth season? 

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